cutsxtoxheal (cutsxtoxheal) wrote,

I havent updated in a really long time.
well, i've updated..but not with my own words.

so i got a job at Starbucks a couple weeks ago.
I like it, but not sure if i like my manager that much.
oh well.. it is money.

Still working at The Picture People. which i like.. but it is so busy lately..and i hate that.

I met this boy named Christian like three weeks ago...
he is beautiful.. and i like him a lot.
we met at Starbucks. it was funny how we met
well, we seemed to hit it off..
the next day we went to a movie..and ended up cuddling in the movie..
which is NOT what i do..haha i hate all that like cuddling and etc.. at least in the movies..
but i was totally fine with it..
we ended up kissing..
after we went out and smoked with his friend candice..
he was all over me..and i didnt all..and in turn i was all over him..which is odd, because i was never comfortable with public displays of affection.. we hung out like everyday for a week..and everything seemed cool..
but he has been treating me really different lately..
not giving me the time of all...
and it's i dont know how he feels anymore..
i just want to know so i can either..move on..or stick around..

Take Me Or Leave Me

*shrug* haha..

I saw RENT last was amazing.. i loved it..
i was scared that it was going to fail..but it didnt. :)
im glad..

Liberate The People That You Hate And Cut Yourself Again
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