cutsxtoxheal (cutsxtoxheal) wrote,

so work yesterday fucking sucked! i worked from 11:30-8:00 and.. it just SUCKED haha..
one of my managers never does her job. pisses me off..
there were 4 people in the back doing what one person could do..and i was all alone taking pics..and there were like 2 sittings that needed to have pictures done..and they could have helped out a bit..before it got busy.. GRR
oh well...
Christian and Chiara came in and i made them take was funny.. they are cute haha..

so, this isnt as hard as i thought it would be.. im fine with the whole christian situation.
he is good people and being friends is fine.
and i understand what he was i cant blame him for anything.
plus im psycho. why would he want someone who is psycho. haha..jk

anyways, chiara and i are supposed to hang out today.. i heart her :)

last night after work.. i was so stressed because of work.. so i went home..and then shevon and i went to our friend's house and drank red bull and vodka. i love that stuff, and love how it makes me feel haha..
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