cutsxtoxheal (cutsxtoxheal) wrote,

Wow, it has truly been a long time since i have posted anything on livejournal.

Let's see...what have i been up to?
I never moved to Chicago...New York...or London haha
Im still in murrieta...stuck here!
I feel like it just hasnt been right...
I was going to move to NYC in march, but decided not to..
I have no idea what i would even do in nyc.
besides go to school for fashion design and work...
I want to still persue a performing career..
but there is soo much i want to do with i've decided that i need to just stick with one thing and persue that whole heartedly...
so for now im going to start going to cosmetology school.. just to have something to pay the bills with..
and after that possibly go to school for fashion i could become a costume designer for theatre. that way i have hair and costume stuff under my belt!
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